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The Sinking of The Lusitania in 1915
To Eventually Get the United States into WW1

Hightlights From this Video:

  • The British Ship RMS Lusitania cruised out of New York for Great Britain. Notice it was not an American ship, but it was carrying American passengers.

  • German U-boat sinks Lusitania via torpedo. This part is true.
  • The New York newspapermen print that this ship was a harmless passenger cruiseboat. It was later shown to be carrying arms and munitions headed for Great Britain. The passengers were just a cover for arms and munitions. 

  • Woodrow Wilson uses this incident to REMOVE the block on LENDING monies to war powers in Europe. The lending of money now favored the British powers and becomes one sided. America has effectively chosen sides. It was not neutral anymore.

  • Woodrow Wilson runs for re-election on the premise of keeping America out of the war. This is AFTER the Lusitania incident. Wilson wins. 

  • It takes a few years and Wilson gets Congress to declare war. Some Congressmen try to fillibuster this very unpopular move by Woodrow Wilson. So, Wilson declares the Sedition Act of 1918, muzzeling everyone against the war.

  • After WW1 was over, Congress makes an inquiry into the start of WW1. The official determination is that the only misdeed was that of the lending of money was heavily slanted toward the Allied powers. However, this commission had Algier Hiss on the council. The same person who was a spy in the State Department for the Communists. And formed the United Nations. This appears to be an inquiry that simply was there to cover-up the events of the day and not dig too deep.

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